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Who We Are

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Hannah McGinnis, Executive Director

Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor

Hannah is a 10 year Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor who never imagined she'd be so passionate about encouraging those going through cancer. She also never imagined actually having cancer. She got her "cancer call" on the day before Thanksgiving of her senior year of college while she was shopping at the mall (true story!). Despite that curveball, Hannah was most encouraged by the truth that God was not surprised by her diagnosis and was faithful still.

She has a Master's in Christian Formation and Ministry: Bible, Theology, and Ministry from Wheaton College, and she has 15 summers as a camper and counselor at Kanakuk Kamps plus 5 years of teaching under her belt. She also wrote a book about her experience with cancer called What in the World Are You Doing with Cancer?, and you can check it and her blog out at her website. Hannah has a heart for the Lord, for people, and for encouraging those going through the unthinkable seasons in life.

In her own words, "Still Waters was born from my heart for those facing cancer, my years of retreats and camps, my love for the ocean and adventure, and my desire to bring people together around the One who makes sense of something like cancer. I'm so excited for all that's in store and hope you'll join us along the way!"


Lauren Creel, Patient and Survivorship Director

Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor

Lauren is a 5 year Hodgkin's survivor who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 23, a couple months after she had started her first full-time job and was paying her own rent for the first time. She is passionate about young adult cancer and cancer survivorship, specifically those dealing with fear of recurrence.


After graduating from George Fox University and working for a few years, Lauren returned to academia, earning a Master's in Public Health and a Master's in Social Work from San Diego State University. Lauren is the survivorship program coordinator at City of Hope, seeking to make sure patients receive the holistic support they need as survivors.

In her own words, "I believe that community is essential in helping each other through this challenging yet beautiful life, and that it is one of the primary ways we are called to live out the Gospel."


Lauren Grabowski, Community Director

Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor

At the age of 21, Lauren was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma as a 4th year UCLA student, juggling 2 jobs, leading a Bible study, and running around to her campus extracurriculars. Cancer was the last thing on her mind. Despite that major speed bump, cancer (and God!) has directed Lauren's current passions and ministry focus!

Lauren is a proud "Triple Bruin," finishing her UCLA undergraduate career in 2016 and currently pursuing her Master's in Public Health and Master's in Social Welfare at UCLA. As a graduate student, she plans to study the emotional, social, and spiritual needs of cancer patients in the hope to create better health outcomes. She is the CanCan health educator in the sunny, bustling Los Angeles area. CanCan is all about promoting early detection, prevention and self-advocacy for both breast and ovarian cancers (a.k.a. the "lady cancers"). Lauren loves empowering women to be advocates for their own health!

In her own words, "My true passion is creating a safe space for cancer patients to talk about suffering and faith. As a cancer patient myself, I prayed and prayed for an outlet to be authentic about my doubts and feel known. Still Waters is an answer to my prayers. I am so excited to be part of an organization that encourages cancer patients to process, connect, and worship."


Joy Ramey, Operations Director

Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor

Joy was diagnosed with cancer during spring break of her senior year of college, just 6 weeks away from graduating from Baylor University. With the help of her friends, family, professors, and doctors, she was still able to graduate on time.


Two and a half years later, Joy now lives in Dallas and plans special events at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.

In her own words, "My experience with cancer has forever changed my perspective on life and increased my faith with the Lord. Life is beautiful and life is good, even when it is hard and you are going through a trial you would not have chosen for yourself. When you choose to trust God's plan, even when you don't understand, this is when His peace surpasses all understanding. I can firmly say I am thankful for my battle with cancer, and my hope is that others will also have this perspective and be able to experience His perfect peace."

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