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Care Packages

Let's talk about care packages! One of the best things during my time in treatment was the care packages my aunts sent me with each chemo treatment. 

  • Lemonheads (chemo and IV lines flushed with saline can have a metallic taste, so lemon or mint can help mask that)

  • Lindi Skin

  • fun or comfy socks (hospitals can be cold!)

  • a beanie

  • movies or movie giftcards (treatment can take a long time)

  • easy books to read (I was a lit major but the last thing I wanted to read was anything super long or heavy)

  • milestone celebration gifts (like party hats and party horns for midway through treatment dates)

  • flowers or pictures of flowers (bright colors are great, too)

If you'd like our Scripture encouragement cards, send us an email ( and we can put those in the mail to you. 

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